In this present era of educated consumers, Academic counselling can potentially help them move towards a personally determined and evolving preferred future. We believe that Counselling is a shared responsibility between an advisor and the student. And at L’avenir, we guide them in understanding the options, determine resources and when necessary, identify the alternatives. We take it to the extent to which a student can articulate his life/work competencies he needs to manage rather than leaving it to happen ‘by chance’.


It is a fallacy that education abroad is very expensive while Education in India is less expensive. Rather, one goes on to spend near 8.5 lakhs in a liberal arts college like Ashoka or O.P. Jindal for Law. There are many private colleges which are far more expensive than colleges abroad and the exposure received in invaluable. Methodology of teaching, curriculum, flexibility of courses offered....sky is the limit.


Academic or Career counselling is extremely important for all students irrespective of their merits. It actually navigates the transitions in between Learning and Work (both formal and informal). We at L’avenir , assist each individual student to assess themselves through our aptitude tests, identify their strengths and nurture them, facilitate the weak points towards a strong capacity building area thereby increasing the interpersonal skills and competence. We strongly believe that these are the extremely essential qualities to determine a career direction as students come from diverse needs and backgrounds.


There is a connection between us and some of the Universities in India & abroad. We do forge a link between the college and our students. The student stands at an advantage if they are in conversation with the Colleges before they leave home. We assist in making this entire process simple and comfortable for our students.


Courses offer in the different Universities of the world are uncountable. Any combination can be applied for and undertaken. For e.g. : one can do Maths & Music, Bio-Science with drama, Theatre and Psychology, Finance and International relations, Astro physics and History. One names the course and it is achievable, provide one has the passion for it. It can be Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Singapore or Hong Kong.

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