During my student years, I often questioned authority. Tried to find the rationale behind the rules and regulations that we have all been subject to. Sometimes that has been construed as misplaced rebellion by the very same authorities I was raising my voice against, and I have received my fair share of flak and punishment for it.

I met Mrs. Sucharita Basu (or Ma'am Basu as we fondly call her) sometime in middle school when she started teaching our class History. Apart from being an extremely knowledgeable teacher, she was a keen judge of character, and dealt with every child based on his needs and surrounding circumstances. Within a span of weeks, a lot of us viewed her as a parent figure in school- someone we could approach for advice in matters which were academic, and otherwise .

Ma'am Basu was one of the few teachers who encouraged my questioning antics, and guided me to channel it positively. She taught me the importance of asking questions- the WHYs, the HOWs, the WHENs and the WHEREs. In high school, she suggested that I pursue law as a career. At the same time she also connected me to seniors who had displayed similar interests in school, and had gone on to pursue a successful legal career.

As an attorney today, every bit of work that I do involves asking questions. It's the little things that can change the entire outcome of a case, and one must go through the details and question and argue every aspect of it.

In 2009,under Ma'am Basu's guidance, La Martiniere Calcutta hosted Eastern India's first Model United Nations(MUN) conference. Model UN is an academic simulation of the United Nations which takes place over multiple days. It was the first time I was introduced to the concept of a MUN.

I found this format of debating challenging, and at the same time intellectually stimulating, and pursued it further in law school. During my years at law school, I participated in nearly fifty MUN conferences, winning at NUJS Kolkata, IIM Calcutta, and Harvard MUN India, amongst others, and chairing conferences at several prestigious universities. I have also served thrice as Secretary General of Rotary Indian International MUN (RIIMUN), India's oldest inter collegiate MUN held in Pune. None of this would have happened had I not been forced into participating in a MUN conference by Ma'am Basu, who felt that my skills and behaviours were particularly suited for this activity.

Ma'am Basu has remained a guide, a counsellor and most importantly, a friend since middle school. Even today I consult her when I am faced with the toughest of decisions. I would strongly recommend her to any student who is looking for career guidance and counselling.

- Rajdip Ray
Trademark Attorney

Mrs Basu helped me in discovering what I should study at university and the university I should go to taking into consideration my interests, strengths and personality. Her advice really helped me in choosing my career path considering all possible options. She carefully analysed my subject choices and university preferences and suggested that I should go to Durham University to study Economics, which I did and thoroughly enjoyed. She has unrivalled experience and insight and I would highly recommend Mrs Basu to anyone who is unsure of what they want to do in the future and even to those who are. A second opinion never hurts!

Rishi Goenka,
La Martiniere 2010

"Ma’am Basu taught me History in school for 4 years (Class IX – XII) but I can safely say that her contribution to my growing up stretched far beyond the classroom. During her time at La Martiniere Ma’am wore many hats— teacher (one of the reasons I opted for History in Classes XI and XII is so that I could continue to be in her class), School Coordinator for the Model UN and the Heritage Club, Academic Counsellor and most importantly friend and guide. Ma’am was always the person we approached with any problem big or small and she always took the time to help us figure things out. As Academic Counsellor Ma’am played a significant role in helping select suitable colleges, providing information about different programs, guiding and streamlining the application process and making sure none of us felt any pressure with regard to decisions regarding higher studies. I cannot count the number of times I have walked into her (tiny) office next to the library and received some sound advice on academics, careers, goals and most anything under the sun. I hope she can continue to change lives in the same way for a long time to come."

Pratik Ranjan Das

Ma'am Basu is one of those rare teachers who have found the fine balance of friend and instructor. I remember going up to her and telling her the multiple confusions in my mind when I was about to choose my undergraduate degree. Her patience and understanding was of immense help. She taught me how to stay true to my passion and not just follow the highest mark blindly.

Debayan De Bakshi 2011

Applying to college can be an incredibly stressful and confusing process. With an ever increasing number of universities and majors to choose from, there is more information than ever before. At the same time it's harder to make sense of it all and the pressure to make the right choice is immense. Ma'am Basu's guidance and counsel was crucial in helping me make the right choice. She made sure I was on track with all the different components of my applications and offered invaluable advice to help me recognize and showcase my strengths to the colleges I applied to.

I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016. Ma'am Basu's recommendation definitely strengthened it and helped me get in!

Ronit Chakrabarti 2011
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